A neighbourhood is all about relationships. Ties that can be traced back for generations and the plucky up and commers that arrive to inject a whole new energy and optimism. West St. Clair West is a place where you will find both. From local retailers that have called the area home for decades, to new businesses that see the areas untapped potential, West St. Clair West has a unique flavour that is just waiting to be discovered.


Think Williamsburg in New York, or the Junction in Toronto. The first ones to gentrify a neighbourhood are always the artists. In the mind of West St. Clair West gallery owner Peter Alexander Por, the same applies to this neighbourhood. “Artists move into an area with great potential, galleries move in, families move in.” he told us. “I looked for almost two years for a building to buy. When I saw this place I jumped. The price was really good and I loved the neighbourhood.” He sees the arrival of Scoop Condos as a boon to the area and looks forward to the changes and people it will bring.


Alli has built a thriving business around using uncommon ingredients to yield amazing results. “I do breads. The difference is that my breads are organic, but I also use local flours. Spelt. Buckwheat. I also sell products with no sugar and low sugar, or maple syrup.” explains Alli. But as the neighbourhood evolves, so does her baking. “I always listen to what people ask for and I pay attention to what they say .” She said. Alli feels like she is just one piece of an expanding gastro scene in West St. Clair West. “There is the best Vietnamese Pho in the City. There is Mexican here. There is Jamaican, Italian, Portguese. There is a great mix here.”


Want to be a better best friend to man’s best friend? Then a primp and pampering session is a must. Simply Dogs Salon & Boutique set up shop in the area 8 years ago and has earned a loyal following. “I have people coming from all over the GTA.” Kendra discloses. But over recent years she’s noticed a big upswing in neighbourhood pup patronage. “It varies here, a lot of young people, people who just got new puppies. [The neighbourhood] has been good to me. The clients are very loyal. Their dogs are my dogs.”

Lucky Star Gift & Flowers

Olga & Irene understandably love the growth they see in West St. Clair West. As owners of Lucky Star Gift & Flowers, growth is what they do. “It’s been interesting. You get the diversity from the younger to the older generation.” they say. “I think it’ll give growth for all stores in the area.” And when it comes to growth Olga & Irene have a little free advice: “When it comes to orchids, people have a lot of questions. Don’t put an orchid in front of a window. Just water once a week, that will keep them alive and healthy.”

Tavora Market

What’s the best way to understand the unique flavours of the neighbourhood? Start with the unique flavours found at Tavora Market. For years Tavora has been known as THE place to get Portuguese delicacies you just can’t find anywhere else “Kingston, Oshawa, Kitchener, London. We have people from all over.” says Jacque, Meat Manager at Tavora. “Yes, they always come in and say ‘Oh my god! It’s here!’” says Sandra, Grocery Manager. And although they’ve been a favourite for generations of locals, recently they’ve noticed a big change in their customer base. “There are lots of families. We have Canadian people coming and shopping, not just Portuguese.”

Sabores Tradicionais

A visit to Sabores Tradicionals makes you feel like you’re visiting a long lost aunt in the Azores and she’s cooking her heart out for you. “It’s Portuguese, we have our specialties from back home.” explains Lucy. Specializing in the food of the small mid-Atlantic Portuguese island, the restaurant features fish, beef and kebab dishes, generous in a way that only a Grandma (or Avó), who thinks you’re too skinny, would serve. Lucy is excited about the changes to West St. Clair West as well. “New people, more people will come in for breakfast. I think it will be a change for the better.”

Rose & Sons

As Rocky of Rose & Sons puts it in his endearing salt of the earth way “We’ve been here for 44 years and we’re sticking around. There are a lot of young people moving into the area.” says Rose, “I see them walking their baby carriages. We are all excited with the new energy.” It’s an energy that the two of them feel the entire city will hear about once Scoop Condo’s breaks ground. “It’s about telling everyone’s story and it’s what makes this street so special.” said Rocky.


Don’t know your Seafoam from your Pistachio? Having trouble coordinating a pillow with an accent wall? Since 1973 Julio Sanita has been a colour matching genius. Trusted by painting professionals and new families alike, Julio always offers a warm welcome with his cool colour palette. “We would have people knocking on the door on Sunday morning. They knew I lived upstairs and would need a quarter can of paint.” Julio is a beautification expert and he’s happy about the new energy and opportunities that Scoop Condominiums will bring to the area.